Make A Promise To Yourself

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Want to get something extra for those things you do everyday already anyhow? Most of us go grocery shopping, dine out, visit the drug store, fuel up our cars with gas, and buy things online. But did you know that you can work those stores to save money for college in return? Or would you just prefer a check?

UPromise  is a college savings program. It allows you to accumulate wealth over time by doing the ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. The money accumulated in the savings program can be applied to your children’s future college tuition or your own. It can even be used to pay down exisiting student loans! Prefer a check instead? You don’t have to invest it for college. Just opt for a check instead, forgoing the 529 program. Currently, I only have about $105 saved, but it is $105 that was not there before, and it didn’t cost me anything!

UPromise Scholarship Give Away

Here’s how the program works: A person signs up for a free account at UPromise. The next step is to register your grocery shopping cards, drug store cards, and/or credit and debit cards with the UPromise  site. Each time you make a purchase, select brands who have partnered with the savings program give you a percentage back. This can range anywhere from 1% to 25%, but I have seen offers go even higher, especially around the holidays. You can find a complete list of participating brands, such as Domino Sugar, Diamond Crystal, Hefty, Bic, and more on UPromise . Everyone has to buy groceries, so why not get something extra out of it? While it depends on the state you live in, many grocery and drug stores participate. I can rely on Publix, Food Lion, and Winn-Dixie for grocery bonuses, and I use CVS as my drugstore.

Grocery Coupons help, too. UPromise also has a variety of grocery coupons that you can use from home! No printing needed! Simply look at this month’s coupons, check those you are interested in, and they are automatically applied to your registered grocery cards. When you go to your grocery store and present your card at the checkout, the savings will automatically be added to your UPromise  account! Think of the savings alone on paper, toner, and the time to search, cut, and sort! Plus, you can’t forget them at home. Instead of getting the savings at the checkout, the savings go directly into your UPromise  account. Currently, the coupons total almost $30, which I’ll be happy to take. These aren’t whimpy coupons! $2 off paper towels, $1.50 off of cheese, $3 off baby food and products, and more are available. The deals change monthly, so be sure to check back.

Dine Out, and Stay In (Budget). UPromise also has a prefered diner program. Register your credit and debit cards on the site, dine out at participating restaurants, pay with your registered cards, and BONUS!  Most are offering a standard 4%-8% back right now along with an added 10%, plus a $5 bonus. Fourteen to eighteen percent back, not to mention the $5 bonus, is not bad. Think of it as having a tip-free meal, except that you have not stiffed your waiter. It’s nice to go out to eat once in a while, and think how much better you’ll feel knowing that you got something more out of it, other than a too-full belly!

Grocery Shopping, Drug Stores, and Dining aren’t where the only savings are. You can also get money back on gas (Exxon, Mobil and ExxonMobil), or simply by shopping online at a variety of stores. Home, auto, finance, clothing, travel, and more offer money back through UPromise. Not only is shopping online easier and quicker, you’ll get something back in return.

So buy your groceries, use those coupons, go out to eat, fuel up your car, shop online through UPromise, and relax a little more knowing that you’ve spent less and gained some peace of mind while not sacrificing your quality of life! 


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