Coupons to Cash, Part “Won”!

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Coupons? Who has time for that? You do! It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Advertisers attract buyers; buyers are attracted to the savings. You just need to simplify the search by making them come to you instead. Getting started will take a small investment of your time, but in the end, it will save you time…and money. I promise!

The best way to phase in the habit of using coupons is by knowing where to find them and how to get them. Grocery coupons can be found in the Sunday newspaper, grocery stores, direct emails, individual brand websites, online coupon sites, social networking sites, and even your cell phone. To make sure you get the best possible value, you should review all possible avenues on your road to savings. Coupons are everywhere now, but my favorite place to locate grocery coupons is on the internet.

Online printable grocery coupons are the best, in my opinion. Unlike the Sunday newspaper coupons, the selection seems endless. There are many more coupons available online, often for a better discount, and they are accessible 24-7, not limited to only one day a week. For part one of the blog special on couponing, I am going to focus solely on getting started gathering and collecting your coupons together. We’ll go from there later.


To simplify things today, I am just going to start by listing some major online printable grocery coupon sites that I tend to frequent. Try some, or try them all!

There are numerous additional coupon sites that provide access to printable grocery coupons or that I find helpful in my couponing quest. Again, you’ll want to visit each site to see what works best for you. You may decide to stick with only one, or you may decide to jump in and frequent them all. There’s no one right way, so just find the way that works best for you. The following are some specific brand name product coupon sites:

Betty Crocker 

Box Tops 4 Education 

Food Lion 

Organic Valley 


Rite Aid 

Stonyfield Farms 


Whole Foods organic

These sites listed below are some additional printable grocery coupon sites that I frequent. They are not specific brand name sites but rather sites that contain a variety of printable grocery coupons and information:



A Full Cup

Coupon Mom 

Delicious Living Organic

Flamingo World

Healthy Living Organic

Hot Coupon World 

Mambo Sprouts Organic

Mindful Mama organic




Look for updates soon as I continue to add to my list of printable grocery coupon sites!

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Although shopping for food along with other household items, how sometimes do you use coupons? Grocery store coupons are utilized by a massive quantity of shoppers. However, in relation to coupons, there are many people who feel that grocery items are as far as they go. The reality is that you may discover a massive quantity of coupons for just about anything you want, including your subsequent summer time vacation.

Similarly shoppers could obtain promotional codes offering discounts through email. This is common for shoppers who belong to buyer?s club organized by the via the internet retailer. These types of clubs normally give these promotional codes to typical customers to reward them for their consumer loyalty and encourage the shopper to continue to patronize the on-line retailer.

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