Ibotta Phone App for Instant Grocery Coupon Cash!

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Ibotta for Instant Grocery Coupon Cash



WAIT! Don’t throw that grocery store receipt away yet!

Do you have a smartphone? Can you take a picture? (Note: I did not say that it has to be a good picture.) Great! Then you can get an automatic return on your grocery store spending!

Just when I thought I knew everything about saving money by using my phone, along comes a new money-saving program app called IBOTTA. It’s a user-friendly application that allows you to take a picture of your receipt after a grocery shopping trip to earn back money instantly from your purchases.

How it works:

Start by downloading the obnoxiously orange ibotta app through your phone or computer. I used my Apple iPhone and was able to download the app easily, quickly, and without any issues. After downloading the app, open it to see several grocery item thumbnail photos and an “earn price” for each. Currently there are about thirty grocery items listed, ranging from bacon and lunch meats, to lunch box snacks, juice and sodas, and even fresh produce. There are also health and cleaning items to round out the assortment of coupons available.

After you are done ogling all of the deals, click on each item that you are interested in purchasing. You will see a full screen version now of the item you selected, along with how to earn the total amount back, which varies from .50 to $2. The “earning” is very simple, including taking a one-question poll, reading a testimonial, writing a brief testimony, reading a fact, watching a short video, tweeting, or posting on Facebook. Once you have completed the assigned task(s), you are now eligible to earn that amount of cash back.

How do you get your money? Easy! Select “redeem” for the coupons you plan to use, go to your grocery store of choice, and buy your selected items. All you need to do now is to take a clear picture of your receipt… the entire thing. You will need to upload the photo from your phone to ibotta through their app. Once it is verified (they will let you know very quickly), the money will be deposited into your online account. You can withdraw the money after earning a mere $5, which, as you can imagine doesn’t take long at all. You can cash out via PayPal, so it’s as good as cash!

An additional perk to ibotta is that you can use it on top of all of your manufacturer coupons, store coupons, and sale items. So conceivably, you could use a $1 off manufacturer coupon, and a $1 off store coupon, on your shopping trip of an item on sale for half off, then return home to get a rebate from ibotta as well. Those savings add up fast! And in many cases, you may end up with overage and actually make money on the seal. Yay, us!

So, go download your ibotta app. Select your grocery coupons. Fulfill those tiny tasks, then, shop your heart out… without your money running out!

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